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Animation Sequences Provided by Ghost Train Pictures

Ghost Train Pictures was proud to provide animation sequences for this dark independent comedy from director Neil Thompson, starring Neva McIntosh and Jamie Elman.

Shot entirely in Whitefish, Montana with a mix of locals and Hollywood based filmmakers, The Thin Line is about an aimless twenty-something beauty looking to break her cycle of dating bad men... by going after one she can't stand in the first place.

Animation Provided by

Ghost Train Pictures

Animation Sequences

Larry Whitaker

Character Design

Robert McKnight


Animation & Layout

Richard Gaines
Melissa Goodway
Robert McKnight
Larry Whitaker

Assistant Animation

Camera, Compositing,

& Animation Editing

Geoffrey Schroeder

Art Direction

William Dely
Richard Gaines
Robert McKnight
Sara Anderson
Melissa Goodway


Chance Raspberry


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