Alien Abductions?
Paranormal Phenomena?
Alternate Realities?
A Talking Dog?
Jupiter Dog Knows the Truth...

Man's Best Friend Is One Family's Only Hope

Get Ready For Classic Animated Shorts from Director Larry Whitaker and Ghost Train Pictures

When a family is threatened by strange intruders, it’s up to the family dog, Jupiter, to save them and their baby from intergalactic kidnapping.  Jupiter turns out to have abilities far beyond what you’d expect!


Remember the joy of classic, fully animated cartoons?

The zany characters, slapstick stories, crazy elasticity, hilarious double-takes, frenetic music, and delectable comic voices?

You can have it all again and be a charter supporter of its revival in a modern twist on that classic animation you love by being a supporter Paranormality from Ghost Train Pictures.

Director Larry Whitaker and his crack team of animation geniuses invite you to help bring it to life!  We have already completed the story, the script, voice acting, and much of the storyboarding, character design, character rigging, set design, concept paintings, and music.  Standing by we have great animators and artists, storyboard artists, character sculptors, character riggers, texture and lighting artists and painters, special effects designers, lighting direction, technical direction, compositors, editors, sound designers, sound effects team, and a computer rendering farm.


Email Ghost Train Pictures for details on how you can support the project!


The Music

of Paranormality